Who's who

Dancers, Trustees, Staff


Norwood Pennewell - Rehearsal Director/ Assistant to Mr. Fagan

Steve Humphrey- Dancer/Original Company Member

Natalie Rogers-Cropper - GarthFaganDanceSchoolDirector/Assistant Rehearsal Director

Guy Thorne - Dancer

Vitolio Juene - Dancer

Sade Bully - Dancer

Wynton Rice - Dancer

Adriene Barber - Dancer

Davente Gilreath - Dancer

Tristian Griffin - Apprentice

Sarah Herbert - Dancer

Andrew David O'Brian - Dancer

Nina Price - Apprentice

Tylar Spencer - Apprentice

Le'Tiger Walker - Apprentice



  • Garth Fagan, Founder, Artistic Director, President
  • Carmen Allen, Chair
  • Jesse Dudley, Treasurer
  • Louise Klinke, Secretary
  • Marilyn Brown, M.D.
  • Kathleen Carroll
  • John Davidson
  • Lance Drummond
  • George Ewing Jr.
  • Barbara Koontz
  • Susan Messing
  • Roberta Seidman, M.D.
  • Coral Surgeon, M.D.
  • Ernest Urquhart


  • Sibert Douglas
  • Marion Hawks – Deceased (1918-2003)
  • Louis Lasagna – Deceased (1923-2003)
  • Deborah Ronnen
  • Ann de Laval Schaefer - Deceased (1935 - 2012)


  • Linda Chiavaroli
  • Alex Haley – Deceased (1921-1991)
  • Rick McGrath
  • Edmund W. Pease
  • Nancy Peck, Esq. - Deceased (1935-2010)
  • Francis Price
  • A. Barry Rand
  • Eugene Schneider - Deceased
  • Lillian W. Silver


"KB" Karen Brown - EXT. 11
Executive Director 
Stephanie Harris
Development Director

Norwood "PJ" Pennewell
Rehearsal Director/Assistant to Mr. Fagan
Bill Ferguson
Artistic/Administrative Liaison
Natalie Rogers-Cropper - EXT. 21
Garth Fagan Dance School Director/Assistant Rehearsal Director
Susanna Kreilick – EXT.18
Tina Tarpkin-McNeill - EXT. 10
Garth Fagan Dance School Administrator
New York Times
"The lyric and the exuberant are not mutually exclusive in Mr. Fagan's choreography. He channels energy into his splendid dancers but also knows how to ..."
Garth Fagan Dance
"My duets express the complexity of human relationships, in whatever form they may take - male/female, female/female, male/male, same race/interracial, or gay/straight. Each tells a ..."
The Village Voice
"Fagan’s premiere, Thanks Forty, is a celebratory suite... to highly contrasting pieces of music (only a man of daring and astute musicality would attempt this)...He ..."
Los Angeles Times
"Consider the Fagan program a prime example of the versatility and sophistication of concert dance in this new century."
The Star-Ledger
"Fagan's dances are perhaps the most profound and original in contemporary dance today."
The Financial Times
"Mudan moves like a wind chimes on a mercurial day. Pennewell and Benton merely anchor that blustery, then tranquil, spirit to human experience so it ..."
New York Times
"MUDAN 175/39, quite possibly one of the finest works Mr. Fagan has created, remains etched clearly in the mind"
Chicago Sun-Times
"Here is a choreographer whose gift for abstraction is matched by a subtle and powerful ability to suggest relationships in pure dance terms. Fagan's...dancers feature ..."
New York Post
"This is a brilliant company."

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